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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11PM  CBS  May 12, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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it's the first that to a fixed according to the governor but it may not be enough why people willing to pay more taxes may vote against the idea. back from more and wouldn't get help evidence of delayed care for bay area veterans injured. one the most famous stars in hollywood history dead at 36 marilyn monroe 50 years later poking holes in the official version of marilyn monroe's death the message her hair dresser left to
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the world and the resort at the center of the mystery. the evening and ann notarangelo , governor jerry brown told californians the state budget deficit worse than expected. it is nearly twice the previous deficit of $9 billion in january. don knapp with more the governor details his revised budget proposal monday he will include another pitch for the ballot measure to raise taxes. even as the governor gets his petitions to state election officials he is warning that is new taxes will not be enough today the governor went public with bad news. tax receipts lower-than- expected the federal government and courts have blocked as the making billions in necessary budget reductions, the result where now facing a $16 billion hole not the 9 billion we thought in january.
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state revenues are three and half billion dollar is less than anticipated and the states spent more than expected to spend the governor blames the federal government in blocking cuts and pass budget gridlock forces him to go to the voters which cannot the whole of this magnitude with cuts along with the doing severe damage to our schools, that is why i bypass the gridlock and asking you the people of california to approve the plan that avoids cuts to schools and public safety. word of more budget problems come as the government to push for a ballot measure that increases income taxes on those with salaries of $230,000 and more along with a sales tax hike in politics no such thing as a coincidence look at the big picture as to why somebody does something the tax plan meets with another tax ballot measure which
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directs revenue to education voters may directed to education but a tougher sell for general fund money people may want to spend extra if it goes to education but the thinking goes into a black hole like the state budget they're not comfortable they do not see have the money is spent the governor is trying to get voters to see it his way and not a panacea but goes a long way towards cleaning up the state budget mess if the tax measures fail the fallback plan is drastic cuts that kick in automatically the include shortening the school year by three weeks cutting court budgets and hiking college tuition. republicans argue and oppose both tax measures. an estimated 93,000 californians woke up without
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unemployment benefits, california's unemployment rate at 11% not high enough for the federal government to continue financing unemployment aid. more than 900,000 californians have received $5 billion in payments in the last three years. students are trying to find jobs as well dozens of youngsters showed up at the moscow news center for the san francisco a summer job and resource fair sponsored by mayor ed lee and the united way. it included workshops and malkin of the is designed to help young people to prepare for the world of work it is not have to be the wherewithal to get better for the and i want to progress the information from those attending the jobs they're placed in a data base to match skills and interest with prospective employers. the missing valley transit
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supervisor found dead. chp officers found the 63 year- old man's car down an embankment near interstate 580 and corral hollow road south of tracy. found at about three this afternoon. he was last seen thursday leaving his job in san jose: home to tracy. his body was still in the car when crews found it. his family says it was a diabetic and required medication twice a day. the physical occupation is over but the protest coast from all been a deadline from cal occupy protesters broke down their encampment on farmland anne mackovic shows us that tents may be gone but the farmers are not going anywhere every person is engaged in an ongoing act of moral disobedience they moved out their camping beer but have not given up the farm.
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the occupiers have been camping on the spot of land owned by uc- berkeley since april 27th. we tried to build a farm that sports sustainable urban agriculture the protest neglect and the planned development of the gill tract this is precious and that means it is the best food growing capability for east bay the universe to use it for agricultural research and is open to talking about the plots future administrators invited to occupiers to a meeting this morning but said they could come if they vacate the property. the conditions or impossible for us to meet, to make consensus we are willing to do that the universe becomes that the issue from different angles, on wednesday it filed a lawsuit against 14 of the people accusing them of trespassing and
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being a nuisance. uc-berkeley spokesperson said they will continue to fight the occupiers presence by using whatever means necessary, police were standing by observing farmers who don't send intimidated. long-term vision this is a community farm for ever and anne mackovic cbs 5. presumed presidential nominee met ron in that is positioned on same-sex marriage clear, he delivered the commencement speech at liberty university one of the largest christian university's in the country he kept politics out of the speech but asking graduates to honor christian and family values. as fundamental as these principles are they may become topics of debate from time to time so it is today with the enduring institution of
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marriage, marriage a relationship between one man and one woman. reaction to romney speech makes, many evangelicals have doubts about his conservative credentials and did not approve of the mormon faith. dozens of volunteers roamed the streets of san francisco jury excess ability of those with disabilities. disabled access is the law that there are loopholes it is easier for businesses to get around it. the mapping day as an effort to find accessible shops and restaurants and to get business owners to understand accessibility is good for business. were like putting the cared before the state were not putting pressure on them it is a social good think they should be accessible you'll get more business if you have more accessible places
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new york city had a mapping day for a link to the mat for san francisco go to cbs s f. com and click on news links. home from war and not getting care they deserve coming from the inspector general who thought their records and the open veteran affairs office regularly made errors when evaluating disability claims. steve large shows us veterans wait a year for a response. he still has the envelope from years of mail. at 70 vietnam veteran and seller says the letter is typical his case is extreme, he went 11 years through appeals with the open v a office to get his disability approved. new statistics show the backlog for northern california clams is
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so long veterans are waiting 320 days for a decision there are 35,000 veterans in line. these kids coming back from afghanistan and iran comeback in far worse condition than we did from vietnam we contacted your mcinerney award knowledge the backlog and their plans to reduce it. it is the v a end they will prolong and hoping you will get disgusted and say ok and not to go no more in seven tours of duty in vietnam he thought he died just once, at 30 a shell, mr. shipp. he was a boiler tendered on destroyers and work with asbestos now has on disease. i figured that put you in a hazardous position and you get
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injured in the military and veterans' affairs of issues something for the position that put you in he spends time helping other veterans with their paperwork for disability claims, and now a veteran of dealing with the enormous backlog at the va. steve large, cbs 5. it is not time to open up the magazine medical professionals say more than meets the eye to time magazine's cover what they think people should know about breast feeding. one of the famous stars in hollywood history is dead if the official story but her hair dresser does not by what he said before he died the tahoe res,,,,,,,,,,,,
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you ready buddy? you're probably not getting called up to the majors. but your fence? that's pro. finish like a pro with cabot wood stains. cabot...that's pro.
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marilyn monroe was america's sex symbol and one of the iconic stars and movie history. 50 years after death there are conspiracy theories how and where she died. some people did not believe she died in l.a.. shannon brinias shows us they think she died at lake tahoe. happy birthday mr. president something about maryland
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unique and special, an inner drive that pushed her further that i think anyone else. this man's home is a shrine one of the world's foremost collectors of maryland's memorabilia this is your director's chair his collection celebrates marilyn's life it is the matter how she died that fascinates and intrigues us. marilyn monroe the on dead in bed august 5th, 1962 dead in her brentwood home many terrorists do not believe the official story. there was a vast cover up as it relates to marilyn monroe's death. this is where the rich and elite would come and this was their private playground this man has led to wars of
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the cal near the resort on the north shore of lake tahoe. the 1960-1963 this was the place the rat pack called home away from home straddling the border of nevada and california and offered a taste of since city with comforts of home. its owner old blue eyes. cabin no. 4 is or dean martin, sammy davis jr. jfk and bobby kennedy peter lawford and the greco and any of french close personal friends would stay in cabinet before. marilyn monroe, we understand was stay in cabin no. 3, known as the " gals' cabin " one of the last photos taken of marilyn monroe taken at the resort and entertainer buddy greco and smiling. greco confirm with us by phone
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what had happened, he said i was sitting with friends outside the bungalow when a limousine pulls up and a gorgeous woman and dark glasses steps out you'd never believe shed a tear in the world. she was molested by to mobsters, she had stayed here for two days and decided to leave and she had overdosed that day as well the resort seclusion owned by celebrity to protect celebrities hit it all. these and the zoo the original tunnels that were built in the '20s and the on the part of a casino that survived a fire in 1937. the tonnage used to run liquor from the leg and i the comings and goings of gangsters celebrities and politicians. copper mesh lines the walls likely meant to foil wiretaps
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to shield your conversation if some it wanted to record something but some said one maryland did not overdose in her home but rather at the cal neda george masters her hair dresser has audiotapes made in 1998, he said marilyn was not and southern california but in lake tahoe at the resort. master's new this because he was with their and my boss sanjay, sing with marilyn that night and some suspect gave her the drug dose that killed her. some people think she did not take a plan she was driven to brentwood, and she was conscious nobody knows so if marilyn monroe died here she died in the bed right over there the heart shaped bed used to be in this room.
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monroe researcher jay margolis scoffs at the client any idea at the mall behind her death. @ and shows there's no mafia involvement no fbi or cia trying to do marilyn in. we know what police found when the recall to her home august of a naked disheveled maryland in bed clothes on the floor and a dresser and the on the real furniture in the room. that dresser is part of his collection this is the dresser there the night she died if that could top it would tell us exactly what happened that night in her bedroom. chisholm shannon brinias reporting. margolis believes the psychiatrist murder at the request of bobby kennedy. monroe was having an affair with the kennedy brothers.
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he thinks he was tricked by bobby kennedy that mellon would reveal her affairs with all of them. this fall has grabbed all the attention of the real issue behind the most recent cover story pediatricians say infants should receive breast milk only for the first six months of like an arrest milk babies half your illnesses. less than half of all moms breastfeed and on the 15% give their babies breast milk exclusively. oakland up more pickups and deliveries for postal workers. the stamp out honker food drive today. it supports families at risk letter carrier picked up bags of food as the made rounds the food donated to bay area food banks. each year the bank collects more than 70,000 lbs. of food. on weather, a nice day to
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day changes in store tomorrow which spec low clouds to thicken on the shoreline and the plot thickens as well,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back we have temperatures mostly in the 50s
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tonight. low clouds along the shoreline. it will be a mixed bag tomorrow. we get cool inland. the satellite deal with a low pressure lingering off the shoreline this low will thicken up with low clouds this brings the high clouds inland it should populate low clouds along the shoreline. so we get clouds and then sunny and ever body cools down. the future cast bears this out the samples goes throw pops the a marine layer and a marine layer thickens and. it will be on again off again sunshine for the coast. cooler temperatures for ever body. clouds along the coastline will get some sun later in the day 62 for our i 82 inland will be
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about 8 degrees cooler than today. on monday from sfo expect drizzle at the airport. los angeles denver chicago of sunday. the on a place with fine increment weather in new york city. 70 degrees and thunderstorms. temperatures a little above average today. mid-seventies to upper seventies inland it might nejd 80. 50 degrees on the shoreline at bodega bay. 59 at daly city. expected to be cooler tomorrow cooler monday, and by next weekend we get a break from a low clouds, it will be a beautiful week. kim coyle wit,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the a's have placed u.n. assessed but is on the disabled list with a hand injury. he was crashed after taking batting practice. he left the game after spraining
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his ankle brendan mccarthy missed his last art with a sore shoulder he struck out the side in the sixth and matched his career high with 10 strikeouts and bit his third straight win. one nothing a's in the seventh. collin cowgill scores and they beat the tigers 3-1. matt cain did everything in arizona he broke up a double play he had strikeouts and held the diamondbacks to one run and had two hits including a two run double, the giants beat arizona 5-2 to snap the losing streak. and the playoffs meta world peace returns from his suspension for again 7 the nets were down 16 in the third but came back to take the lead. final men in lakers up 5, kobe
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rises up and hits the dagger 17 points the lakers beat the nuggets' 96-87 and played the thunder round two. celtics and 76ers' and round two. kevin gordon had 29 points the celtics when, 92-91. they continue to silence their critics. there's a game every other day for notre dame it may be difficult look at s and it's up less in seven at madison square garden rangers and capitals, 90 seconds and a 1-0 lead. the rangers beat the caps and two-one for their second game 7 when this postseason. the take on new jersey devils in the eastern conference finals.
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danica patrick finished at 31st greg a full of the overall points leader. deadwoods not able to make a move that the players championship he shot an even par 72. he is 10 strokes back. he birdies 18 to take a one stroke lead ahead of met coucher. as much as the viewers don't want me to back off one of the world is watching i know it is frustrating it is frustrating for me i'm screaming at myself to pull the trigger. all i can do is try my best, and do what is best for me ,,,,,,,,
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